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Sunset Bay Mariner's Club

195 Sunset View

Sharps Chapel, TN 37866

Phone Number: 865-278-3806

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Statement of Principles and Purpose

  1. A great deal of effort was given to the master planning of the Sunset Bay Marina. All Sunset Bay property owners, their families and friends shall have, to the extent reasonable, access to and use of Sunset Bay Marina areas, though only Members shall have a right to use a specific Slip in the Marina. A primary concern in Marina planning was to promote enjoyment of Norris Lake and its waterfront recreational facilities, with the intended result being that the Sunset Bay Marina is a "user friendly" facility with the added benefit of increased value of all Sunset Bay properties.
  2. Lake access is a valuable commodity of limited availability, for which Club Members have paid considerable sums of money. It is anticipated that Club Members will join Sunset Bay Mariners Club, Inc. for two primary objectives: (1) easy access to their boats and watercraft on Norris Lake, and (2) increased property value as a consequence of docking privileges at the Marina. These Bylaws have been developed to support these purposes.
  3. All Club Members and Subdivision property owners are urged to carefully review all provisions of these Bylaws. Link to Bylaws of Sunset Bay Mariners Club, Inc. (A Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation)
  4. The Club has also defined and enacted rules and regulations for the protection and mutual benefit of all Marina users. All Club Members are urged to carefully review all provisions of such rules and regulations.
  5. A Harbor Master appointed by the Club’s Board shall resolve any questions regarding rules, regulations and conduct of Club Members, their families and friends, and any other Subdivision property owners using the Marina or the adjacent water and shoreline areas. All use of the Marina and the adjacent water and shoreline areas shall be subject to the rules, regulations and decisions of the Harbor Master, so as to maintain orderly use of such areas by both Members of the Club and non-Members of the Club.