Building/Moving to Sunset Bay?

Information shared by the owners who have built homes to help future residents ease the process and the transition to living in Sunset Bay.

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 Addresses - Physical 
 Air Ambulance Service 
 Airport - Closest to Sunset Bay 
 American Red Cross Services in Union County 
 Appliance Purchases/Repairs 
 Association Annual Assessment - Penalties, Interest and Liens 
 Boat & Water Craft Registration 
 Boat Trailer Parking 
 Boating Regulations, Laws & Responsibilities - Tennessee Handbook (1)
 Book Station 
 Building Permits 
 Burn Permits 
 Churches (8)
 Computer Repair 
 Covenants and Restrictions 
 Cultural Events 
 Driver's License & Car Registration (2)
 Electricity (2)
 Farmers Markets 
 Fire Department 
 Fishing in Tennessee 
 Garbage Dump & Trash Recycling 
 Internet Connection 
 Mail Delivery (4)
 Map - Norris Lake (1)
 Marinas & Docks (3)
 Notaries in Sunset Bay 
 Pest Control 
 Phone Directory - Choice 
 Phones - Land Lines & Cellular (2)
 Pool & Yoga Schedule - Lincoln Memorial University (1)
 Post Office 
 Propane Gas (5)
 Property Taxes 
 Public Libraries (3)
 Shoreline Construction Permits - Section 26a of the TVA Act (1)
 Surge Protection 
 Television Service (2)
 Union County Historical Society 
 Union County Humane Society 
 Union County Tennessee Government 
 Volunteer Opportunities 
 Water & Sewer